Dog Leg Reaper originated by accident. During a Practice round I happened to cut the corner off two Dog Leg par five’s. It felt great to step up on the tee and pull off the shot. What golfer doesn’t want to knock it over the Dog Leg? It’s a great feeling! I remember thinking to myself “I just killed that Dog Leg” then continued up the fairway after my ball with all the confidence in the world. You know the feeling I’m referring to!

A few holes later I was challenged with another opportunity to take out the Dog Leg. Having been successful and still confident from the last attempt at it I decided to give it another go. I mean, you would too…right? So I did, and hit the best drive of my life! Again, Taking out the Dog Leg! I watched the ball soar through the air instantly recalling what I muttered under my breath on the first try “I just Killed the Dog Leg” and as I chuckled at the thought of killing it, along with a rush of confidence, the term “DogLeg Reaper” came to mind. That was all the inspiration I needed. I had already been wearing a ratchet belt for years as it is the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn, so i thought why not create a cool logo Golfer’s can relate to, put it on the buckle of a ratchet belt and here we are today.

It’s funny how they say in golf that your first read on a putt is usually the correct one. The first vision of the Logo that popped in my head while still walking the course that day is exactly what we use now. It just seemed to be right. My thought for the reaper between the d L was to show him slightly turning away from the shot as the ball fly’s through the air just giving that hint of confidence knowing you don’t need to watch it land…it’s right where you want it. You all can relate, you all have experienced that rush before and that’s why we love this GREAT game of ours!

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William “Billy” Stokes